Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) made the following statement on the Trade Promotion Authority vote in the Senate:

"Today, we are a big step closer toward creating more jobs, lifting wages, and boosting economic growth for Pennsylvania. Working with President Obama and colleagues from both sides of the aisle, I am pleased that we passed important bipartisan trade promotion legislation that will help Pennsylvanians sell our products around the world.

"If enacted, this commonsense measure will ensure that America can negotiate and approve the best possible trade agreements that will open overseas markets for American-made goods.

"Just last year, Pennsylvania exported $40.2 billion worth of made-in-America goods supporting more than 190,000 jobs. And more than 90 percent of that total, $36.6 billion, was overseas sales of manufactured products that supported more than 170,000 jobs. In fact, at a Senate Finance Committee hearing in April senior administration officials assured me that if the 11-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is enacted, our state would likely see a further surge in exports.

"China has consistently and aggressively sought economic domination among the Pacific Rim countries. As President Obama has noted, trade promotion authority will help ensure that the U.S. - not China - sets the rules on global trade.

"Now that the Senate has passed this bill with bipartisan support, I hope that we can get it to the president's desk for his signature. We need to advance our nation's leadership in global trade so we can kick start our economy and help middle-class families in Pennsylvania with more jobs, higher wages, and lower taxes on the goods they purchase."