Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) today announced a $2.2 million grant for recruiting and retaining volunteer firefighters in the Capital Region Council of Governments (CapGOR). CapGOR is one of the largest Council of Governments (COG) in Pennsylvania, served by 21 fire companies.
“I am pleased to announce a federal grant for more than $2.2 million to help recruit and retain volunteer firefighters for the 21 volunteer fire companies in central Pennsylvania as part of the Capitol Region Council of Governments. With this grant money, central Pennsylvania’s fire companies can hire more firefighters to ensure a 24-hours-a-day crew. This will undoubtedly save lives and make our communities safer. I am grateful the Federal Emergency Management Agency recognized the need for this grant in central Pennsylvania, and I look forward to seeing these fire companies grow,” said Senator Toomey.
“Central Pennsylvania is very proud of the centuries old tradition of having fire protection provided by dedicated and well trained Volunteer Firefighters. The Capital Region Council of Governments and the CapCOG Public Safety Committee recognized the need to provide support these loyal volunteers. The 2.2 Million dollar Regional Recruitment and Retention SAFER FEMA Grant will provide 20 Volunteer Fire Companies support in marketing, training, and other incentives. CapCOG greatly appreciates the opportunity to assist these brave men and women,” said Gary L. Myers, Executive Director of CapCOG.

Senator Toomey supported the grant application. The letter from Senator Toomey is available here.