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Senator Toomey Statement on President Trump's State of The Union Address

January 30, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) today released the following statement after President Trump's first State of the Union address:

"Tonight, President Trump used his State of the Union address to spotlight the important progress that has been made during the first year of his presidency while laying out his top agenda items for the next year.

"Already, about three million Americans have received bonuses and raises due to tax reform-and this is all before the benefits of new investments are realized. I share the President's view that tax reform will help to grow wages, create new jobs, and spur stronger economic growth.

"I was also pleased that President Trump laid out a clearer vision on three very important issues: infrastructure, immigration, and national security.

"I was heartened to hear him say we must streamline the approval process for new road and bridge projects, and I look forward to reviewing in detail proposed infrastructure legislation.

"President Trump also outlined a legal solution for DACA recipients, which goes beyond what President Obama had proposed, with an offer of a path to citizenship. We need stronger border security that enhances physical barriers, increases law enforcement patrols, and utilizes surveillance-based technological advancements.

"It was also encouraging to hear that the administration understands the clear and present danger represented by North Korea. Congress must act swiftly on the BRINK Act, my bipartisan bill with Senator Chris Van Hollen, to strengthen sanctions against this dangerous regime and any entity doing business with Kim Jong-un.

"Finally, I hope the White House will reconsider its course on trade. Tariffs are taxes on consumers and are designed to snuff out competition. I will be actively engaged with the administration on all trade matters moving forward."