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Senators Casey and Toomey Continue Bipartisan Agreement on District Court Vacancies

March 10, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC - Pennsylvania's U.S. Senators, Bob Casey Jr. and Pat Toomey, announced today they will continue their bipartisan judicial agreement, which has already succeeded in filling 14 vacancies on federal district courts in Pennsylvania.

Sens. Casey and Toomey look forward to continuing this bipartisan process under President Trump, and appointing individuals who demonstrate the intelligence, experience, and character to serve Pennsylvania well on the federal bench.

"I look forward to working with Sen. Toomey again to recommend highly qualified candidates to the federal bench," Sen. Casey said. "The bipartisan process Sen. Toomey and I have engaged in has helped put 16 judges on the federal bench. Filling these judicial vacancies is critical for the administration of justice in Pennsylvania."

"Since 2011, Sen. Casey and I have worked to confirm 14 qualified jurists to fill district court vacancies on the federal bench. This is more than every other state except California and Texas during that time," said Sen. Toomey. "We will continue our bipartisan agreement to ensure that the most capable, knowledgeable and ethical candidates become federal judges serving Pennsylvania."

U.S. District Court Vacancies in Pennsylvania

Sens. Casey and Toomey will employ the following process to fill vacancies on the federal district courts in Pennsylvania:

• Separate judicial nomination advisory panels will be established in the Eastern District and Western District of Pennsylvania, where the federal district courts currently have judicial vacancies.

• These panels will screen applicants for judicial vacancies and submit the names of qualified applicants to the two U.S. Senators.

• Each panel will be made up of 20 members, including two co-chairs. Sens. Casey and Toomey will each appoint nine panel members and one co-chair.

o Eastern District Panel Co-Chairs: Robert Ross - Senior Partner at Ross Feller Casey, LLP; John J. Soroko - Chairman and CEO, Duane Morris LLP

o Western District Panel Co-Chairs: Michael Adams - Founder and Managing Partner, Mike Adams & Associates, LLC; Heather S. Heidelbaugh - Partner with Leech Tishman

• Applicants will be required to complete and submit the questionnaire approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Persons interested in being considered for an appointment should email the address corresponding to their district:

Eastern District: and/or

Western District: and/or

The deadline for applicants to submit the completed Senate Judiciary questionnaire in both the Eastern and Western District is no later than April 10, 2017 at 8:00 am.

There are currently no vacancies in the Middle District. When vacancies occur the senators will employ a similar process.