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Federal Agency Help


Providing Pennsylvania residents with great constituent service is one of Senator Toomey's highest priorities. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, and you are experiencing problems with any federal agency, or need help cutting government red tape, our office stands ready to help.

The Privacy Act of 1974 requires that Senator Toomey have your written consent before he can contact a federal agency on your behalf. If you are seeking assistance from our office the first step is to complete the Privacy Release Form and send it to our Allentown office. The form must be signed by the person requesting assistance. Once received, a member of the Senator's staff will review your correspondence and contact the appropriate federal agency on your behalf.

PLEASE NOTE: If your inquiry involves the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service you must use a different Privacy Release Form. USCIS will not accept any other version.

Here are a few important tips about seeking assistance through the office of Senator Toomey:

1. First check online to see if you can find the information you need. This is the fastest way to get the answers you need. Below are links to many of the federal agencies that constituents typically deal with.

2. Determine if your problem involves a federal agency.
As a federal legislator, Senator Toomey has no authority to intervene in matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Pennsylvania or local municipalities. Typical State issues are: unemployment compensation, child support, insurance and utility regulation, birth and death certificates and food stamps. Contact information for State legislators and the Office of the Governor can be found at . A complete listing of federal agencies can be found at

3. Understand the rules we must follow.
• We cannot intervene or influence the outcome of cases under the jurisdiction of ANY court - local, state or federal
• We cannot intervene in matters under the jurisdiction of local or state government.
• We cannot intervene in matters for anyone who resides outside of the State of Pennsylvania.
• We cannot offer legal or medical advice, nor can we recommend an attorney.

Links to Federal Agencies

Department of Defense:

Department of Education:

Department of Health & Human Services:

Department of Housing & Urban Development:

Department of Labor:

Department of State:

Department of Veterans Affairs:

Internal Revenue Service:


Social Security Administration:

US Citizenship & Immigration Services: