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03/29/11  Senator Toomey, 26 Other Senators Ask Secretary Clinton To Detail Steps Being Taken To End Palestinian Incitement Against Jews And Israel 03/24/11  Sen. Toomey Sends Letter to Chairman Bernanke Urging Him To Protect Small Lenders, Jobs and Affordable Loans 03/24/11  Sen. Toomey Issues Statement on Westmoreland County Storm 03/22/11  Sen. Toomey Sends Letter to Secretary Clinton Urging Sanctions on Chinese Companies and Others Violating the Iran Sanctions Act 03/18/11  Senator Toomey Sends Letter To Secretary Lahood On Lower Merion Street Signs 03/08/11  Senator Toomey Statement On President Obama’s Guantanamo Executive Order 03/02/11  Senator Toomey Opens Senate Office in Pittsburgh 03/02/11  Senator Toomey Votes for Two-Week CR 03/01/11  Toomey-Vitter Debt Legislation Receives Significant Support 03/01/11  Senator Toomey Delivers Maiden Speech 02/28/11  Sen. Vitter Introduces Full Faith and Credit Act On Behalf Of Sen. Pat Toomey 02/28/11  Toomey’s Take: Creating Jobs in Pennsylvania is a Priority 02/18/11  Senator Toomey Backs Efforts To Review And Streamline Regulations; Spur Job Creation 02/17/11  Senator Toomey Cosponsors Resolution Opposing Net Neutrality, Fights For Pennsylvania Jobs 02/14/11  Senator Toomey on Protecting Pennsylvania Jobs, Repealing Medical Device Tax 02/14/11  Senator Toomey Criticizes President's Budget 02/11/11  Senator Toomey Visits Allentown Explosion Site 02/10/11  Senator Toomey on Spending Cuts in House Continuing Resolution 02/07/11  What Economists are Saying about the Full Faith and Credit Act 02/04/11  Senator Toomey Cosponsors Balanced Budget Amendment 02/02/11  Senator Toomey Sends Letter to Secretary Geithner on the Debt Limit 02/02/11  Senator Toomey Votes to Repeal Overreaching Health Care Bill and Protect Jobs 01/27/11  Senator Toomey Announces Committee Assignments 01/26/11  Senator Toomey Co-Sponsors Bill To Repeal Overreaching Health Care Bill 01/25/11  Senator Toomey Introduces First Step To Curb Federal Spending: The Full Faith And Credit Act 01/25/11  Senator Toomey Statement On State Of The Union 01/24/11  Senators Toomey, Johnson Wager On Super Bowl Victory 01/21/11  Senators Toomey, Casey To Sit Together At State Of The Union 01/17/11  Senator Toomey Issues Statement On Trip To Afghanistan, Pakistan 01/13/11  Senators Toomey, Casey Announce Pennsylvania Students Selected For Senate Youth Program 01/11/11  Senator Toomey Meets With Farmers At The Pennsylvania Farm Show
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