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Had Enough

Since joining the Senate, I've traveled the state listening to you - and I've heard the same concerns again and again. Many Pennsylvanians want better, more sensible government, not bigger government.

Today, excessive government regulations are making it difficult for employers to hire and create jobs. Federal red tape is imposing burdensome, unfunded mandates on local cities, townships and counties. Small businesses and farmers are struggling to comply with new directives from overreaching agencies. Government waste, fraud and abuse continue eating up taxpayer dollars at a time when many households across Pennsylvania are watching every penny they spend.

Have you HAD ENOUGH?

Through my HAD ENOUGH? public service campaign, I'm asking Pennsylvanians to tell me their experiences with unreasonable red tape, government excess and overregulation. I want to hear how federal agencies have not worked for you and how we in Washington can improve and streamline government. This isn't about disparaging government - it's about helping you, finding solutions, and making the federal government work more effectively for Pennsylvanians.

So if you've HAD ENOUGH?, let me hear from you - please click here or scroll down to the "submit your idea" button to share your experiences with me. I want to hear if a new federal regulation is preventing an employer from expanding and investing in your community; if the federal government is imposing an unfunded mandate on your town; or if new agency rules and regulations are impeding your livelihood.

You can also click on the "success stories" button below to learn about how we've already successfully helped Pennsylvanians who have HAD ENOUGH?.

Please note: If you have a traditional casework issue (passport, Social Security, disability, visas, VA assistance, etc.), please do not submit your query through HAD ENOUGH?. Please click here to visit my Federal Agency Help page for assistance.

I look forward to hearing how the federal government can work better for you.

Pat Toomey

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